Premium Paraffin

For those of you that remember, Premium Paraffin was sold as Esso Blue, Token Blue, or Pink Paraffin (amongst other brands) and was available from petrol stations and local hardware stores all over the country.

It was popular as a fuel for household heaters before the introduction of the Propane Gas alternative.

Today, it is popular with users of Greenhouse heaters, Oil Lamps and space heaters.

We supply some Aga and Heating Oil users – but since there are now only a few manufacturers of this product and it is refined to a higher specification that lowers the smoke point and char value, it is more expensive than regular home heating Kerosene.

An interesting Weekend Telegraph article that adresses the decline in the quality of home heating oil can be found HERE.

We can supply Premium Paraffin (Dyed Blue) in 25 Litre plastic containers, 200 Litre steel barrels, 1000 Litre IBC containers or larger bulk volumes.

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