Boiler Additive



Our Premium Heating Oil Additive allows the upgrade of
domestic kerosene (BS2869:C2) to a premium standard of heating oil.


Many domestic boilers lose efficiency in the periods between
services without the householder being aware. Build-up of deposits on
the heat exchanger surfaces and partially blocked nozzles cause
incomplete chemical combustion.

The result of this is that your boiler will fire more often and burn
more fuel to achieve the same temperature as indicated by the

This multi-component product reduces deposits in your boiler improving performance by up to 10%.


  • Guards against fuel degradation
  • Lowers carbon emissions
  • Increases shelf life of fuel
  • Prevents sludge formation in the bottom of your tank
  • Guards against corrosion of metal tanks and associated pipework.
  • Keeps your boiler in good shape, reducing service problems
  • Improves the efficiency of your boiler