Homeheat Buying Tips

Do you have an AGA? – We now supply a PREMIUM FUEL that lowers carbon and deposit build up which improves your system’s efficiency.

Do you want to optimise your boiler performance - then ask for our HOMEHEAT GOLD

Remember, if you are dealing directly through companies who actually run a tanker fleet, you get a more efficient and responsive service.

Please be aware that prices on online comparison sites can sometimes be artificially inflated. Always give an independent local supplier a ring after you have your online price. Nine out of ten times we will beat the price.

Consider getting a wireless tank monitoring system. This monitors the fuel level in your tank and sends a signal to a receiver, which is usually placed in the kitchen.

If you have a wireless tank monitoring system check your batteries on the sender
on the tank. They probably have a two year maximum lifetime.

If in doubt, check your tank level by dipping tank with a cane or a broom handle.

It is strongly advisable to never run your tank level lower than a third. Running a tank level too low risks drawing any sludge at the bottom of the tank through your pipes or getting an air lock, both could result in a costly engineer call out.

There are no summer oil prices, fuel prices are set by global factors. However, demand is far less in the summer so this may have some local effect...it’s always worth giving us a call to check the price.

Pay by Debit Card. Avoid paying by Credit Card as this incurs a 2.1% extra charge.