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In 1999, an EU directive to reduce the sulphur content in Kerosene was implemented.

Whilst having a positive environmental impact, the lower sulphur levels adversely affected Boilers, Vapourising Boilers and Agas by increasing the char value, soot levels and flow rate and continue to do so.

Many of our longer standing customers remember when a boiler service was an annual event without the need for expensive parts, as opposed to the number of breakdown call outs that occur nowadays.
Recent advances in technology have enabled companies to produce additives that essentially restore the Kerosene to levels that Boilers and Agas were originally designed to run on.

There is a very interesting Weekend Telegraph article written a few years ago - but still as relevant today. You can read it by clicking here.

Fuel Oils provide a range of additives that offer an improvement in the fuel quality. The volumes that we now sell to our customers are a testament as to how effective they are.

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