Fuel Tank Water Soaker



A fuel tank soaker that will absorb any accumlulated water from heating oil tanks


Water build up or condensation naturally happens in all fuel storage tanks because of the constant atmospheric temperature changes. Water contamination then settles at the bottom of the tank.

If there is water present in fuel, problems arise from water entering the heating system instead of the fuel and causing damage to the burner or boiler, also increasing the growth of bacteria. As a result this promotes tank sludge.

Condensation occurs in most Heating Oil and Red Diesel tanks which can not only contaminate the fuel, but can also cause rust to form in the bottom of steel tanks.

The Tank Soaker is lowered into the tank via the attached cord and can be easily be removed when full. 

It is weighted so that it lays flat on the bottom of your tank.

The soaker contains super absorbent polymers which soaks up any water but is impervious to fuel.